Award-Winning Author / Illustrator

AREA 102 book cover

AREA 102

Burgle Back book cover

Burgle Back

Heavenly Hash book cover

Heavenly Hash

Honeymoon Heist book cover

Honeymoon Heist

Where’s Mrs. Bendouski? book cover

Where’s Mrs.

Who’s The Dead Guy? book cover

Who’s The
Dead Guy?

What About Zerovsky’s Brother? book cover

What About
Zerovsky’s Brother?

Who Killed Scooter Diamond? book cover

Who Killed
Scooter Diamond?

Where Did Everybody Go? book cover

Where Did
Everybody Go?

Who Stabbed Reverend Wicker? book cover

Who Stabbed
Reverend Wicker?

Who’s At The Bottom Of The River? book cover

Who’s At The
Bottom Of The River?

Who Shot The Bartender? book cover

Who Shot
The Bartender?

The Brainhurts Gang book cover

The Brainhurts

Random Thoughts book cover

Random Thoughts

Follow the Money book cover

Follow the Money

Sam & Janet’s Evening book cover

Sam & Janet’s

Stealing Time book cover

Stealing Time

Ross Van Dusen’s lighthearted novels are perfect for reading in bed, at the beach, on a plane, in the john, or anywhere you need a laugh—not that you need a laugh in the john.